About Alabama Franchisee Association

In Alabama, franchisees are at a real disadvantage. Currently, there is no basic protection for franchisees in Alabama. These small businesses invest in and support local communities, yet Alabama franchisees risk losing everything due to the disproportionate power and unjust practices of corporate franchisors.

Specifically, the Alabama Franchisee Association will fight to for these concepts:

1. Protection from unjust terminations and non-renewals without good cause.
2. Protection from unjust restrictions on sales and transfers.
3. Protect the franchisees’ rights to pursue legal dispute with their franchisor in an Alabama Court under Alabama law.
4. Require that franchisors and franchisees must act in good faith and in a commercially reasonable manner.

Other industries in Alabama are afforded protection. Alabama needs to level the playing field for franchised small business owners across the state. 23 other states have passed legislation that shield small business owners who invest in a franchise business opportunity from abuse by franchisors.

The goal of the Alabama Franchisee Association is to advocate commonsense protections to promote fair business relations between franchisors and franchisees. Such legal protection for franchised small businesses will result in new economic development and job creation in Alabama. The time has come to protect small business owners who invest personal capital in Alabama and its workforce. The Alabama Franchisee Association is the voice for Alabama franchisees and small businesses.

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